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Jason Hoki


Mentor: Frank Schroeder


Sonoma State University (BA Chemistry) – 2013


2011 Recipient of Marin County Retired Teacher’s Scholarship
2011 SRJC’s Future Teacher Scholarship
2011 SRJC’s Math Science Teaching Initiative
2012 Gordon Scholarship
2012 – 2013 Mcnair Scholar
2012 – 2013 LSAMP Scholar

Research Experience:

June 2011 – Aug 2011: CCI Intern, PNNL, (Sam Bryan)
Synthesis and analysis of yttrium-lanthanide nanocomposites.

May 2012 – Aug 2012: SULI Intern, PNNL, (Sam Bryan)
Development of electrochemical analytical methods.

Jan 2012 – June 2013: Undergraduate Research Assistant, SSU, (Jon Fukuto)
Investigation of the biological chemistry of nitroxyl with respect to selenium-bearing enzymes.

Current Research Activities:

My research focuses on the development of a novel activity based protein profiling method to investigate small molecule signaling pathways of the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans, and other systems. I will combine tools from organic synthesis and molecular biology in order to develop a highly efficient method for isolation, identification and characterization of small-molecule receptors. Thus, this research will not only make a contribution to our understanding of C. elegans small-molecule signaling, but will also produce a widely applicable tool for chemical biology research in diverse organisms.


“Synthesis and Charactarization of Yttrium-lanthanide Nanocomposites” CCI poster presentation, 2011, Richland WA (Poster)

“Development of an Analytical Electrochemical Micro-drop Method” SULI oral presentation, 2012, Richland WA (Presentation)

“Investigating the Inhibition of Glutathione Peroxidase by Nitroxyl” Sonoma State Mcnair Annual Symposium, 2013, Rohnert Park CA (Poster)

“Evolution of Morphologies and Spectroscopic Properties in YxLn1-xPO4 Nanocomposites” ACS NORM Conference, 2012, Boise ID (Poster)


Ramsey, JS, Johnson, RS, Hoki, JS, Kruse, A, Mahoney, J, Hilf, ME, Hunter, WB, Hall, DG, Schroeder, FC, MacCoss, MJ, and Cilia, M. (2015) Metabolic Interplay between the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Its Profftella Symbiont: An Achilles’ Heel of the Citrus Greening Insect Vector, PLoS One 10, e0140826. PubMed

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