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CBI Trainee Application

Applications are now open for CBI appointments for 2020-2021. All applicants should be in the laboratory of a CBI mentor (the Sponsor) and be US citizens or permanent residents.  PIs that are not CBI mentors can apply to become CBI mentors (see information below). Preference is given to applicants in their first or second year of training and who have not been supported by a previous training grant.

CBI_Application Form_2020-2021

CBI_sponsor statement_2020-2021

CBI_referee statement_2020-2021

CBI_selection guidelines_2020-2021

PDF’s of materials should be emailed to Kelly Case <> by 5:00 pm, Sep 15, 2020. Please use the following naming convention for your submissions:

Applicant last name-First initial_Application2020-2021.pdf

Applicant last name-First initial_Sponsor2020-2021.pdf

Applicant last name-First initial_Referee2020-2021.pdf


CBI Mentor Application

Cornell faculty members interested in becoming CBI mentors should send the Program Director a copy of CV or NIH biosketch with relevant training records and a cover letter explaining the intention and qualification to become a CBI mentor. The application will be reviewed and decided by the Executive Committee.

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