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CBI Retreat 2015 Agenda

Physical Science Complex – March 7, 2015

8:20-8:50 Continental Breakfast
8:50-8:55 Opening Remarks
Hening Lin, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Session 1

Research Presentations – Ornella Nelson, Chair

9:00-9:25 Richard Cerione, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
New ways to think about cancer signaling and intervention
9:25-9:50 Joshua Baccile, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Plant-like isoquinoline biosynthesis via an amino acyl carrier protein in fungi
9:50-10:20 Minkui Luo, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Unconventional chemical tools for protein methyltransferases
10:25-10:55 Coffee Break and Preliminary Poster Viewing

Session 2

Research PresentationsRichard Walroth, Chair

11:00-11:25 Michelle Cilia, BTI
Unraveling interactions among insect vector borne plant pathogens, plants, insect vector and insect vector bacterial symbionts using mass spectrometry
11:25-11:50 Joseph Haegele, Cornell University
On-demand targeting of antioxidant response signaling
11:50-12:20 Squire Booker, Pennsylvania State University
A Tale of Two Substrates: Characterization of a dual specificity RNA methylase
12:25-1:25 Lunch and Preliminary Poster Viewing

Session 3

Research Presentations Yashira Negron Abril, Chair

1:30-1:55 Jason Locasale, Cornell University
Dynamics of histone methylation mediated by the status of one carbon metabolism
1:55-2:20 Clint Stalnecker, Cornell University
Targeting altered cancer cell metabolism: Mitochondrial glutaminase regulation    and inhibition by small molecules
2:20-2:50 Virginia Cornish, Columbia University
Expanding the synthetic capabilities of yeast
2:55-4:30 Student Poster Session

Presentations in PSB 120; all other events in the PSB Atrium.

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