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Joshua Baccile


Mentor: Frank Schroeder


B.S. Chemistry (ACS), SUNY Cortland (2011 )


2010 Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
2010 CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award
2011 Top Graduate in Chemistry, SUNY Cortland
2011 Merck Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry
2012 Honorable Mention, NSF-GRFP
2013 Cornell University Conference Award

Research Experience:

Feb. 2009 – Aug. 2009, Research Assistant, Biology Dept., SUNY Cortland (Tim Baroni)
Jan. 2010 – June 2011, Research Assistant, Chemistry Dept., SUNY Cortland (Frank Rossi)

Current Research Activities:

My research is focused on using new analytical chemistry approaches for a comprehensive annotation of the highly diverse, yet largely unexplored metabolomes of filamentous fungi. Central to this effort is the use of 2D-NMR and HPLC-MS-based comparative metabolomics, which provides a systems-biology perspective of metabolic changes resulting from genetic engineering. By correlating changes in the metabolomes with genetic modification of secondary product-related gene clusters I will identify a large number of new fungal natural products along with their biosynthetic pathways.


Baccile, J. A., Morrell, M. A., Falotico, R. M., Milliken, B. T., Drew, D. L., and Rossi, F. M. (2012) Modular synthesis of photocleavable peptides using click chemistry, Tetrahedron Lett. 53, 1933-1935. DOI

Yin, W. B., Baccile, J. A., Bok, J. W., Chen, Y., Keller, N. P., and Schroeder, F. C. (2013) A nonribosomal peptide synthetase-derived iron(III) complex from the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus, J. Am Chem. Soc. 135, 2064-2067. PubMed

Wiemann, P., Lechner, B. E., Baccile, J. A., Velk, T. A., Yin, W. B., Bok, J. W., Pakala, S., Losada, L., Nierman, W. C., Schroeder, F. C., Haas, H., and Keller, N. P. (2014) Perturbations in small molecule synthesis uncovers an iron-responsive secondary metabolite network in Aspergillus fumigatus, Front. Microbiol. 5, 530. PubMed

Macheleidt, J., Scherlach, K., Neuwirth, T., Schmidt-Heck, W., Strassburger, M., Spraker, J., Baccile, J. A., Schroeder, F. C., Keller, N. P., Hertweck, C., Heinekamp, T., and Brakhage, A. A. (2015) Transcriptome analysis of cAMP-dependent protein kinase A regulated genes reveals the production of the novel natural compound fumipyrrole by Aspergillus fumigatus, Mol. Microbiol. 96, 148-162. PubMed

Wever, W. J., Bogart, J. W., Baccile, J. A., Chan, A. N., Schroeder, F. C., and Bowers, A. A. (2015) Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Thiazolyl Peptide Natural Products Featuring an Enzyme-Catalyzed Formal [4 + 2] Cycloaddition, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 3494-3497. PubMed

Baccile, J. A., Spraker, J. E., Le, H. H., Brandenburger, E., Gomez, C., Bok, J. W., Macheleidt, J., Brakhage, A. A., Hoffmeister, D., Keller, N. P., and Schroeder, F. C. (2016) Plant-like biosynthesis of isoquinoline alkaloids in Aspergillus fumigatus, Nat. Chem. Biol. 12, 419-424. PubMed


Aug. 22-26th, 2010, 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA (Poster Presentation)
Title: Synthesis of photocleavable peptide conjugates using click chemistry

March 31st, 2011, National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY (Oral Presentation)
Title: Synthesis of a photocleavable peptide

April 15th, 2011, Scholar’s Day, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY (Oral Presentation)
Title: The synthesis of photocleavable peptide conjugates

June 1-7th, 2013, Gordon Research Seminar and Conference, High-Throughput Chemistry and Chemical Biology, New London, NH (Poster Presentation)
Title: Genes to Means: Comparative metabolomics enables systematic discovery of small molecule virulence factors in microorganisms

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